What We Do

Leap Year prepares first generation students to succeed in college and become leaders in their communities through a paid community service gap year program.


The Opportunity

Many first generation and low income students do not succeed in graduating from college because they are unprepared for the academic and social rigors of college.


While a college degree can significantly help children escape the cycle of poverty by creating as much as $1 million in additional wages over a life time...

By 2020, 60% of the jobs in Georgia will require some form of post-secondary degree.

Only 1 in 5 Atlanta Public School high school graduates complete a post-secondary degree of any kind within 6 years.

First generation and low income students often graduate from high school unprepared for the academic, emotional, and logistical rigors of higher education. Many students are left trying to study for the ACT, apply to colleges, fill out FAFSA, and prepare for the major changes in workload and social life all on their own.

Our Approach

During our full time program, Fellows spend 20 hrs/wk on college applications and readiness through ACT prep, Math/English tutoring, study habits review, and confidence building activities. The remaining 20hrs/wk Fellows serve as paid PT AmeriCorps members, providing educational talks in local schools, and using design thinking to create an independent final community service project of their own design.




Academic tutoring, ACT prep, college application assistance, and college readiness training gives our Fellows the skills to succeed in college.

We provide Fellows with extensive socio-emotional skills, building their confidence and empowering them to better overcome the challenges they will face.

Through paid AmeriCorps community service projects, Fellows sharpen their leadership and your critical thinking skills.

Only Leap Year provides talented students a second chance to fulfill their college, leadership, and career potential by providing a full year to solely concentrate on preparing for college and the future. Gap years, and the ability to go to college when you’re ready, is an opportunity rarely available to youth who need it the most. However, through their Leap Year, our Fellows grow into confident leaders, prepared to succeed!